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Into the river BELOW ; I'm running from the INFERNO

they'll think I'm insane , but you'll all know my name

The Jester
14 February
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Jester - [jest·er]
A person who is given to witticisms, jokes, and pranks.

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I married bolshevists at marry_a_ljuser on 05/04/07 at 12:20am!

iam_the Dist the Rose of LiveJournal!
I am the Negi Springfield oflivejournal!

Prof. Hojo is my husbando!

I claimed
Glo Xinia's flogger
Glo Xinia's box
Chrome Dokuro's panties
Glo Xinia / Chrome Dokuro

@ khr_claims


Community for The Tyrant Who Falls in Love
Community for Lloyd Asplund fans
Community for Storm Hawks fans
Genshiken Rating Community
Welcome to The NHK Rating Community


Stamped as Dr. Franken Stein
@ souleater_rate

Stamped as Dist the ReaperRose
Paired with Guy Cecil
Rivaled with Asch the Bloody
Fonon is Wind Fonon
Class type is Swordsman
I live in Keterburg
I sound like Emperor Peony IX
@ abyss_rating

Stamped as Szayel Aporro Grantz
Paired with Stark
Rivaled with Cirucci Thunderwitch
My rank is Fraccion
I look like Szayel Aporro Grantz
I am the fraccion of Noitora Jiruga
@ arrancar_rating



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